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Sometimes our professional lives leave us with feelings of frustration and disappointment. This happens because at the moment we are aiming at a target that is probably not meant for us. Every single time in our lives that something we are aiming at, does not not bring us the desirable outcome it is because of that.  It is because our destination is elsewhere but we are not aware of that. The later applies to every aspect of life whether it regards a profession, a relationship, a purchase anything. Of course I do not imply that we should not try, insist and persist for the realization of our goals but, at the same time the one thing that we really need to do is to tune in our antennas so that we can catch every tiny piece of information, every tiny piece of intuition, every little signal showing us the adjustments we should do. Because these adjustments are that will bring us to our new destination smoothly. All this information is there in front of us, waiting for us to observe, but we are usually so busy pursuing our vain target that we do not pay any attention to it.

From my own experience, I have to admit that every single time, I thought I was in the middle of a disaster, whether it was personal or professional what happened next was finding  myself on my next exciting, fulfilling and full of new things to learn, destination.  If fear and disappointment don’t win, then you are off to rocking new experiences that will make you a better human being. Just believe, tune in and proceed!

I can give you my own example and I am sure that there exist a lot of other people like me. Ι used to maintain two different professions. The one was as high ranking employee of a major private company in my country and the other was to run my own business. Being a single mother at the same time having a little daughter, I was going through a really overloaded and demanding every day program. This two professions period extended over 12 years. My life was intense, fast, red and fulfilling since it was giving me the sense of creating, which was true. Both my jobs were giving me a great sense of satisfaction, since creation is important for me,  and I was also very happy having my little daughter although I would have liked to have more quality time with her. All these were during the years that the global economy was flourishing. I earned enough money to create infrastructure for us and also being able to pay for permanent help at the house. This was going on until the economic crisis and some sudden changes in my working environment at the private company, due to “force majeur”, changed my professional and economic status. My professional status in the company changed, at the same time that the  economic crisis nearly extinguished my own  business since it was one of the first sectors that were primarily affected by it. The change in my professional and economic status was immense. The first year in this new reality was an extremely difficult year for me trying to adjust and find a new balance .  At the back of my mind I believed that the events were pushing me to my new destination although I could not see it at the moment, as I was plunged in my bitter feelings of the change of my status  and the disorientation and insecurity resulting from all these changes. There were moments I was feeling panic thinking that  my foundation was gone. Of course our real foundation is inside us. That foundation is that keeps us and guides us through rough times. For me as my professional- economic  foundation was always making me feel secure as a single mother and a self-made person it was really difficult for me to figure out which way I will manage to proceed. What I did not observe at the time was that due to the economic crisis many changes and adjustments were occurring in many sectors of the society and economy, therefore I was able to continue my life decently. I also had  the time to re-examine and readjust certain things, as for example insurance contracts I had, that saved me a lot of money on a yearly basis.

I no longer have my own business. It was rough for me deciding to cease my own business, my own baby, that I created from scratch with no help, but it was a business decision I had to make, since from a certain point  on my own company instead of giving me money was demanding money!

Little by little I started to appreciate all the good things emitting from my new status. I had plenty of time for my teenage daughter who was through a very demanding period of her life and plenty of time for myself too. So, I started spending more time with her, I started exercising regularly which I was always adoring but could not pursue due to lack of free time and also started realizing that the gift I always had helping people overcome their difficulties in positive, creative manners could be organised and systematized by me. Being in a more relaxed situation, I started recalling that whenever someone had a problem either personal or professional, in both my jobs and also friends and family,  was coming to me for advise leaving afterwards relieved and thanking me for the  fresh, new, different perspective  in her/his mind. It was when I realized the later, that I took the decision to systematize the whole thing somehow in order to be able to reach out to more people than in one to one informal sessions, but I had no idea how to do this at the time. Then the idea of this blog came to my mind, thinking that I could create something like a pool of information where anyone could go and retrieve information about various subject matters and so I started writing. Started writing about my own experiences and sharing my thoughts on various issues.  Parallel to that I felt the  need to write in my native language something that has already reached the size of a book but still goes on, which I have no idea  what this is going to be, a book, a script I don’t know yet, I just write. I found  balance in my new situation and feel very happy with my new life right now. I also intend to start taking  modern and ballet classes which was what I initially wanted to do in my life, in a few months,  as soon as my daughter finishes her exams for entering the university. In the meantime as my feelings about my new reality changed from bitterness to contentment, realizing  all the new opportunities arising for me, I started enjoying more my new status as an employee, the one that leaves my mind free of office worries during the after office hours, a luxury I could not enjoy all the previous years, therefore I am able to create on this blog during my free afternoons and weekends, write in my native language and pursue all the activities I enjoy.

The apparent downturn in my professional life, lead me towards a total new area in my life giving me the opportunity to occupy myself with everything I always adored doing and also helping people see how fabulous life is and how happy they should be in their own journey whatever this brings to them.

So one could say that this whole thing resembles to a Phoenix emerging from his ashes.

The end of something is definitely the beginning of something else and the reason this happens is because we have to explore  our abilities and potential which unless we are pushed by circumstances would’t do.

So, never be afraid or disappointed of a sudden change in your life, as unpleasant as it is for you, the moment it happens.

Always try to see and pursue  the new path emerging for you from the seemingly disastrous situations you are facing at the moment.

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