Earth to Heaven Tips


Hardships are the greatest lessons and the greatest motivators in our lives or at least can be. When you’ve been through a hardship you have to decide if you will become better or bitter from this process.

Hardship is usually the consequence of a mistake or a random event.

In case you made a mistake this means that you are trying things probably new ones and the possibility to fail is always there. Great inventors failed many times before reaching a successful outcome. Tomas Edison while experimenting on electricity answered  someone’s bitter comment about failing 5.000 times that he gained knowledge  that 5.000 specific ways do not work and he is on his way to find the one that works and he did!

In case a random event happens let’s say an unexpected death then this triggers the beginning of an endeavor to discover our inner strength and the qualities within us that will help us overcome this. As in such an event nothing can be changed the only way to cope with it is find how you can deal with your new reality. We can always attempt to discover which is the next step a certain event intents to take us to. Because it is always like that. If we stay centered we eventually see the new path revealed through every event in our life good or bad.

Our evolution as human beings depends among other things on our approach to hardship and failure. If we become scared we will get immobilized. Probably the norms of the Western society we are living in do not encourage the process of learning through error and trial. We have to be courageous and determined to navigate through hardship and failure to a new better destination. Every time I failed in my life and didn’t give up I found myself in a new, better reality. After all when something closes it is because an invisible arm is pushing you gently or some other times more violently to the new destination that is open for you . If you become scared, uninterested, disoriented and sad from your hardships and failings you will never reach this new destination. Giving up is not a choice in life. It is amazing to how many new things we expose ourselves into, beneficial for us if we have the courage to go on and how rewarded we become every time we don’t give up.

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