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Fighting Insecurity

All of us have felt  lost, insecure and disoriented from time to time.  Some other times  we feel overwhelmed by events occurring in our lives, or certain behaviours of people that disappoint us, or feeling uneasy by our unsuccessful attempts to realise an idea.

All the above are signs that we should redirect our attention and tune our antennas to something else. Well, you will ask  me, what else? If  we stay connected to our centre, then we will be able to listen to this tiny voice inside our head whispering new ideas and new information. We have to be willing to  try new things in life and fail and then try again. There’s no shortcut to experience an old saying goes. I am not  encouraging you to be incautious. I am encouraging you to empower yourself  to overcome the feelings of insecurity and disorientation and believe in yourself and the things you can do. Only you know what you are capable of doing and no one else.

The Western society in which we are living, is undergoing the last few years a great crisis. The media are spreading fear about various things, the economic crisis is a bad counselor for decision making and the way of living promoted, is far from making us feel well, happy, healthy, content and satisfied. Floating in this aggressive environment we really have to stay well connected to our inner voice in order for ourselves to be well-balanced. We really have to believe that we can make it against all odds. I am not talking about something I do not know or hasn’t happened to me.  I had many setbacks in my life, but the truth is that I am always better and better because I was never willing to give up. As I grow up I have  learned to keep my mind peaceful when everything around me is in turmoil. At least most of the times… sometimes people ask me,  “don’t you have problems, you’re always so peaceful”.

It is a day to day task to keep ourselves focused and centered when everything around us is unstable. It is very important to isolate all the issues that cause us insecurity at a certain distance which will enable us to observe them carefully and securely. The distance that will protect us from the feeling of insecurity. It is like snowboarding or sailing and finding yourself unexpectedly on a steep mountain side or in the middle of a  flurry at the sea.  Staying calm saves your life. Staying calm in life’s unexpected events helps us  navigate safely to our next destination  without thoughts of  insecurity of whether we will arrive there or not. We will always arrive safely at each part of our trip if we have peace of mind. I can assure you for this from my own experience!

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