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An accident happened to me!

Six days ago I had a car accident. The car behind me hit mine. I was on my way to the beach, very happy with the top of my car open enjoying the sun, the fresh air and the wonderful view as I was descending the mountain towards the beach. At this point of the road we had to slow down and that’s what we both did, as I was constantly checking the car behind me, but  after a few seconds, with me relaxed on my seat, as I had checked that he slowed down, he hit me because he lost his concentration and stepped on his gas,  instead of his brake. I did not expect this and  I was really loose. When you expect the collision you are tight. I was not and my hands flew on the air, a scream came out of my mouth and my head hit strongly the headrest.

So I ended up with a collar on my neck, feeling dizzy all the time and with two doctors, an orthopedic and a neurosurgeon, telling me that I should stay at home at least for ten days wearing the collar for 24 hours, even during sleep and lying most of the time in bed! The also told me that if I hadn’t my seat belt on I would have been killed in this accident. That was only the beginning because  things turned out being really tough. I had to quit every activity except physiotherapy for the next 3 months to begin with.

I am a very athletic person, I usually exercise 1-2 hours daily, after the office, doing various workouts and swim at the sea even during winter. You can imagine how I felt hearing this!

When I arrived at home from the hospital, as I was lying down in my bed looking the ceiling and ready to take a big plunge into a dark, blue mood, a flash came to me that I had two choices. Either doing this or take this event as an opportunity to approach this incident in a different way, meaning focus on every positive aspect I might discover it has.

So I found out that this accident gives me the following opportunities. To be closer to my daughter who in 10 days is having her final exams to enter the University, rearrange my thoughts on various issues, try meditation techniques on healing, spending more time reading and writing, a luxury  I usually don’t  have, catch up on lacking sleep and try to enjoy being at home despite the bright shinning sun outside.

The moment you lock your thoughts on something it’s done! This is one of my favorite sentences and now I have to prove once more, I mean it.

I have to admit that there are certain instances that I tend to loose this approach, but I am back on track really quick.

So I want to give you some positive tips on accidents which apply to all of them major and minor ones.

  • Always a positive approach and good mood help you recover more quickly, there are many medical  testimonials on this. You keep your telomeres longer this way therefore yourself healthier and younger. You can do a little research for more information on this, if you want, as many Universities have published on it.
  • When you become detached from your every day usual activities at first you feel uneasy, but, in reality this is the time to reorganize your thoughts on everything. Just do this and don’t panic from your new condition.
  • It is the best opportunity for you to discover your healing power over your body, we all have one. Try meditation techniques that direct healing light to the affected area of your body or anything else that you feel comfortable with
  • Laird Hamilton, who is considered the best big wave surfer today,  insists on dealing with injuries in an active way, for example when he had broken legs he used to paddle, since that was all he was able to do. Just do whatever you are able to do.
  • Friends visit you and you spend time with them in a more relaxed mood, since you don’t have something else to do afterwards.
  • If you are allowed to move around the house it is an excellent opportunity to organize everything pending inside it for a long time, we all have such stuff.
  • Meditate on everything positive you want to attract in every aspect of your life including of course your health, having only nice images in your mind, including visualizing your body completely healed.
  • Be the good mood beacon of the house, everyone will benefit from it, including yourself.
  • Indulge in everything creative your condition allows you to. What Albert Eistein used to say about creativity is “creativity’s contagious. Pass it on.”
  • Be on top of this situation and show everybody that there exist a different approach to such an incident.
  • You may not know exactly how to do all the above it but it’s ok, I don’t either, it goes by trial and error.

After all Pablo Picasso used to say ” I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

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