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Living from inspiration

Vishen Lakhiani the co-founder of Mindvaley Academy explains the difference between living from intention and living from inspiration. He says that he was introduced to this idea by other authors like Joe Vitale. When, according to him we live by intention we say I want to do this, I have this goal. When we live by inspiration it is a totally different story, it has to do with our calling and the purpose we are here to fulfill and our connection to God for guidance and the feeling that we are on the right path. This way he says inspiration leads us to intention, to our goal and goal then comes through us and not from us.

Well, I don’t know if you have ever felt that. It is this whisper in your ear, Steven Spielberg says, that tells you something and you have to listen carefully. What you have to do, he says, is listen carefully because  it is just a whisper. I, sometimes though, hear not only a whisper but a loud voice shouting at me,  creating many different feelings inside me. Fear of the unknown, insecurity to get out of my comfort zone, questioning of whether what I hear is the right thing to do, a sense of dangling in the vacuum and some other times the certainty that,  yes,  that is exactly what I have to do. Whenever I feel myself dangling in the vacuum and decide to overcome my fears, this is exactly when I move on, to the next play track of my life game. Sometimes your new play track may sound awkward to the people who are related to you, or impossible to realize, and it maybe something completely different from what you were used to do BUT all the above mean absolutely nothing. If you are confident and always listen to the whisper or the loud voice in your ear, then you will not fail because this is your inspiration, this is your calling. Every famous inventor, entrepreneur, artist etc talks about that calling in different ways. Deep inside us, we always know that it is the right path to choose.

As far as I am concerned, it always worked and always will and never regretted doing  anything stemming from this source. This source, offered me the most amazing, life changing and fulfilling experiences of my life.

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