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I want to tell you about dreams and how important they are.

Two months ago I read in an article about the importance of  trying to remember our dreams the next day since it is our soul that through them is trying to give us information in order to protect ourselves. The author of the article was quoting several examples of his own life where by taking under consideration the dreams he saw he protected himself  from several misfortunes. But most of us don’t remember our dreams the next day. This is true.  Here is what he was  suggesting doing.

Before falling asleep meditate for a few seconds on the notion that you will definitely remember your dreams the next morning or during the night if waking up. Have a pen and a notebook near your bed so as soon as you wake up you write down your dream, since a few minutes or hours later you might not remember it. Then you can fall asleep again  in peace!

The first time I read the article I did nothing. A few weeks later while searching through various articles I stumbled upon the same article again. I read it again and since I believe that everything happens for a reason I took it as a sign and decided to follow  the instructions of the author.  Before that, when I was waking up in the morning I would rarely remember my dreams. As I started meditating on this before going to sleep, I started remembering them in the morning or if I was awakened during the night, most of the times and I was writing them down. This is the difficult part since you are sleepy and certainly not in the mood to start writing!

By the time this whole thing was taking place, I had a transaction through internet, concerning some goods I was about to buy, from an unknown source to me.  She was giving me information and fotos  about herself and the company involved that was false, as I later found out.  Ten days before finding out about the fraud, I had this dream. I was in my car waiting for this person supposedly at the airport to deliver the goods to me  herself,  but in fact I was outside the police station! This woman came out of the building but was not the one I saw at the fotos she has sent to me and the feeling I had was that the joy she was expressing towards me when saluting me was pretentious. I was not feeling very comfortable with her presence and was in doubt at the moment about every transaction I was about to do with her. That was my dream!

What I saw in my dream was exactly what I found out ten days later! After I saw the dream I decided to investigate more before sending the money for the goods and I found out that everything was a fraud.

I was so impressed, I received a warning about what I was going to face in the future!

So why not  try to get  connected and then stay tuned with the source of  information that sends  us warning signals in order to protect ourselves and make our life easier!


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