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Trapped in our own image

I was thinking how common and easy it is for all of us to get trapped in our own image, whatever this image is. This is a big trap for everyone, ourselves and the others. Most of the times this is done unconsciously. We perceive ourselves in a certain way and that is what we project to other people too. That makes us feel comfortable and happy and start to feed this image even when we are not feeling this way.

The way we are perceived defines us in our own mind and the minds of others, consequently we face difficulties to operate outside this role. We do not even understand consciously how this works. If we do something different, it is, as if we are not consistent with ourselves.

I discovered that  it is very liberating to operate outside this standardized image of myself.

I realized though, how difficult it is to escape from the trap of our own image as we evolve as  personalities. We ourselves and also other people, deny to accept the existence of another side of us. But, this exists too and has to be accepted, respected and finally adopted and revealed when the circumstances demand so.

For example when due to my accident I had to abstain from all of my activities, except this blog, I realized  that people that surrounded me, had a great difficulty understanding what the doctors said I had to do. Since I am perceived as strong and independent they were not familiar with my temporary new condition, meaning having to do nothing and expecting from others to take care of me. This was new for me also and deep down inside me I had the stupid notion that if I was pressing myself a little I could make it closer to my old routine. I had this notion  until almost two weeks after the accident. Then a morning I asked a friend to come by and drive me to the market, since I was not driving yet, where I stayed for half an hour and then I returned home and started cooking, only to find myself after a while ready to collapse. It was then and only then, that I realized that NO, I could not and I should not press myself at all and it was then that the notion of me trapped in my own image popped into my head. I had to deal with a new me, fortunately, for a while and that was making me feel uncomfortable. I had to accept another way of doing things and it was unknown to me. This way, not accepting in fact reality, we miss a lot of opportunities to encounter with beneficial for us situations. Accepting a new situation that occurs to us benefits us in many ways, since we come to terms with reality instead of ignoring it. Even if it is an unpleasant reality, like in my own case.  Everything that happens to us is an opportunity to learn, develop and become better. Accepting  means getting out of the trap of a preconceived notion that does not match with the current circumstances. Getting out of the trap, we give ourselves the chance to enjoy new things, of which otherwise we would be deprived of and meet another aspect of our own self.

A friend of mine who is an actor came to my mind on a different version of the same subject. She was trapped too in her own image in a different way, concerning his art. Since she is perceived in a certain way and her looks support that, she unconsciously reveals that same character in almost every single audition whatever the role is. All her auditions that I happened to see have the same ingredients  in them, without her understanding it of course. It is like singing  the same song in different octaves.

It is soooo difficult to escape when we are trapped in own image and the greatest difficulty comes from the fact that we do not understand it. If we reach a point where we are able to do this, then our relationship with ourselves  has reached a new elevated level.

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