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Be you!

Be you, be you, be you, all the time, everywhere, in every circumstance, with everyone.

It always pays back. At the beginning it might be hard because when we do this we have to face the consequences of paving our own unique path which sometimes is harsh and hard. We also have to create our own trade mark which also seems a difficult job to do. Believe me, in the long run it would be more difficult to be a follower without a clear identity of your own, than paving your own way.

Insecurity and maybe  our need to please others often leads us to thoughts such as ” should I say that, how this will come along, how this will sound in her/his ears, what impression would that make of me…”  etc

There is always a way to express ourselves and not hurt feelings, and not create professional problems, and not make a mess.  But even if sometimes we do it, it is for the better and worth the inconvenience.   If we are confident about our opinion and the things we understand, then we can introduce other people to them in several ways. If our thinking is different, we need to accept our difference and present it to others too. Many times I’ve heard from people ” oh I wouldn’t think of doing this or that this way”.  We can always gently introduce others to our different temperament and ideas and make them get used to the idea that there exist many different ways of doing things. It is our obligation to spread different, new  ideas because this is the way humanity excelled.

If we try to comply to manners that are not compatible to our own character what would be the gain? What kind of satisfaction, fulfillment, joy  can someone take from a relationship, any kind of relationship if he/she is not himself/herself? Who are the most happy people? The ones that succeeded in doing the jobs they love and leading personal lives meaningful to them. How did they do this? By being themselves! By being true and frank we explore our own universe which is limitless. We flourish as personalities and we become stronger and stronger bringing to the surface wonderful things whether it is in personal or professional areas. We can start from scratch and do wonderful things if we trust ourselves and our ideas even if these are different and contradicting with what is considered the norm of doing things. For example I decided for the  upbringing of my daughter to always say the truth to her the best possible way for her age because I didn’t want her to have a distorted image of reality and people in her head. This payed back immensely having today in front of me an 18 years old girl who is confident, straight, honest, true to herself, true to her friends and all her relationships, eager to claim her right in every situation, and dynamic to pursue her goals. It was more difficult and tiring  for me to try to explain everything to her as it was/is, every step of the way than say to her the usual little lies parents say to their children, especially in matters concerning relationships of all kinds, but, this payed back so much first for her, for the shaping of her personality and then for me and our fantastic relationship. This is an example in my personal life.

I also did the same thing in my professional life and was so lucky to have all these amazing experiences letting me feel full and rewarded in this area.  My one of the two very rewarding careers up to date started with a quarrel, which had me  moved to another post that gave me the opportunity to flourish professionally both as an employee and as an etrepreneur, which wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been moved to that post. Things might seem negative at the moment but we really need to observe carefully and be confident that we are certainly leaded to a beneficial situation for us ,  something  that sometimes takes time to show up.

Even now that this blog came as an inspiration to me, I follow my heart in how to handle it, I feel so blessed being able to share my notions, ideas, everything with you, share my true self and being open to receive any kind of feedback from you.

Being ourselves always pays back in every area of our lives and brings to the surface the best possible self of ours and this benefits us and everyone that has to do with us.


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