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Body Issues

Our bodies are state of the art, complex, multitasking, incredibly intelligent, very resistant, changing  machines. They adapt to the environment using and processing in-taking information and do their best with whatever they are given. They are also trying to correct automatically  any misuse we do to them, intentionally or unintentionally.

These state of the art pieces  of highly advanced intelligence are to be used in multiple ways that will enhance their innate ability to excel. They are designed to help their inhabitants feeling happy, powerful and able to express their multiple skills.

Each one of them also has a special charisma which the inhabitant realizes as a kid. One body moves well, another dances well, another runs well, another sings well etc and all of them are given amazing brains. Bodies are not designed to live most of  their life indoors, from chair to couch, from couch to bed, from bed to car etc. Bodies are designed to move and have infinite capabilities for improvement in all ages. The more we use them the more their stamina increases, the more they change and the better we feel.

Fine raw not processed food fuels them in a perfect way. Imagine a car given the perfect fuel. It performs way better than given a regular one  or the wrong fuel.

Our bodies need to be worked out. Pushing their limits a little bit every time, gradually elevates us to the next level of wellness. Agility, lightness, awareness. This approach to our bodies generates psychological wellness also. When we use our bodies,  a lot of beneficial hormones for our psychology, and not only, are secreted. The result is not only to have a heightened  sense of our bodies, but also feeling psychologically different, meaning happier, more optimistic.

The use of our bodies also enhances our self confidence since we become  capable of doing things which in their turn  heighten our mood. Having the ability to do  things physically in a comfortable way, even simple ones, like climbing the stairs breathing lightly, creates a better image of ourselves  to ourselves. This better image is a happy, healthy, beautiful image and this is the one we project to any other person we interact with. It is a confident image, who’s message is I love myself therefore I am capable of loving other people too.

So, if you don’t already do, please  start using your bodies ASAP!

Do not consider it a big issue, make it easy for yourself because it is,  just start with a 15 minutes walk on an every day basis, somewhere you like the environment and after a week let me know how you feel.

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