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Body Issues (No 2)

Since many of you asked me to write more on Body Issues and the truth is that it is an endless issue, I will continue offering my own experiences on the subject and also everything relevant that I have read.

One month ago I had this car accident which deprived me of my regular  physical activity of one to two hours per day which varied from pilates to yoga to swimming to hiking etc.  When the first three weeks passed during which I was completely unable to do anything else except lying down, as soon as I started moving around the house, Laird Hamilton (the big wave surfer) came to my mind and his active way of dealing with his injuries (you can read more about it in the last paragraph of my article “Out of the box thinking”) and I started thinking what would be the physical activity I would be able to do, given my condition, that would not impede my recovery but enhance it. Having the luck to have the most amazing physiotherapist who is an ex athlete, we arranged a meeting, he saw my MRI and we discussed what was allowed for me to do along with my physiotherapy sessions. So he allowed me to do light walking and swimming in certain swimming styles only in the warm water of the swimming pool.

As soon as I started, I have to tell you I felt better. I am not able to walk more than 20- 30 minutes and swim more than 20 minutes before acute fatigue wins over my body. I also cannot perform any of these more than 3 times per week, but it is ok. The symptoms of the whiplash are there. We have to listen to our bodies. My body recovers right now, so what it needs is that. It doesn’t need immobility but it also does not need also the activity it used to have. We have to listen to our bodies because  they constantly inform us about their needs. These wise machines are always on alert working on various issues, even when we are sleeping. This limited activity I perform right now, helps my body heal faster and I am also in a better mood, without focusing on the accident and it’s consequences, but on my everyday progress and towards trying to add a few minutes every time in my workout.

I also observed that my body has less need for food intake, therefore I followed it’s instructions and asked  a friend of mine who is a personal trainer to give me a diet suitable for my condition. In that respect I  started drinking turmeric on an every day basis which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Two cups of green tea also, which is a natural anti-oxidant are part of my every day diet also. I take ipophaes oil peals, which is a Greek plant, extensively used by ancient Greeks for it’s restorative qualities , and vitamin C. Right nutrition  and the use of herbs always help our bodies but even more when they most need it, during the healing of injuries. I think that all the above helped me avoid heavy medication for pain and inflammation.

There are days that I feel weak to perform this light walk and I don’t. I always follow my body’s signals and instructions. I never had a head and neck injury before, therefore the way of dealing with it is something new for me. The other thing I do is whenever I close my eyes I visualize my body completely healed.

Dealing with my injury this way, today I am in a better condition than I used to be and I keep on recovering.


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