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Gut Feeling

Gut feeling is simple pure magic!

You can be assured for the later by personalities like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and many others… if you don’t believe me. We all possess it but not everybody is tuned in, in order to be able able to listen to it.

I can list a few characteristics of what gut feeling is:

Never fails

Protects us

Warns us

Shows us the path

Contradicts logic and phenomena

Cannot be proved right at the time we feel it, most of the times, because of lack of evidence

When we do the mistake to ignore it, we always pay hard for that mistake

There is a source from which this gut feeling emanates. The Greek philosopher Plato said that everything is one, a notion that is also supported by other contemporary philosophers like Erkhart Tole. Provided that, we are connected to a universal matter that is definitely supplying us with amazing, abundant, loving, positive energy to which the only thing we have to do is trust that it is there for us and choose to connect with it.

I can recall that since I was a kid my instict never failed. When meeting a new person, when in front of a new challenge, when dealing with a difficulty, when having to take a minor or major decision what my gut feeling was saying to me was never wrong.

Earlier in my life, when I was feeling it but at the same time had not the evidence to support it, I used to follow my logic only to find myself later, sometimes years later in a situation where I was thinking that it was right. This over the years cost me a lot, so I reached a point where I decided that I will always follow it, no matter what, even if I do not  have the supporting evidence at my disposal at the time. My life became much easier after that,  because this decision saved me from troubles and drama! I was staying out of situations occurring  whenever I was having a negative feeling about them, only to watch events unfolding and proving my gut feeling right. The difference was that I was not involved which saved time, money, mood and many more…

My last and more amazing experience concerning my best friend called gut feeling was the following.

During the last year or so I was stumbling upon  information concerning California. On my facebook account, or surfing at the internet or the tv etc I was constantly stumbling upon information about California. I live in Europe. After a while with no reason, I could logically explain, I started feeling that I will go there. This feeling was coming to me every time I was encountering information about California.

Then this  trip to California happened, the trip  that I somehow  almost knew would happen, happened exactly the way I was feeling it would!

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