Earth to Heaven Tips

Contact with Nature

Nature is the environment that supplies us with positive energy. People that lack contact with nature are different from the ones that have,  physically and psychologically. When in nature you breath fresh air, you dive in fresh water, you walk in a park or in a forest and see beautiful pictures around you. Nature gives us beautiful things to see, hear, smell, touch or be in. All the above support elevated mood and better health. It is unnatural for our body and psyche to spend  the whole day every day in buildings, cars, indoor spaces etc without getting in touch with nature at all. We drain our reservoir of positive energy. Recall the feeling you have after a nice swim, a nice walk or an outdoors workout. Imagine what would have happened to your body and mind if you were repeating this every single day or as often as possible. Your posture would change, your skin would change, your psychology would be better more positive.

We should move a lot and we don’t. The outcome is that we feel our body sour and without vitality which influences our psychology in a negative way. If we manage to move and even better if this is done in a natural environment then we intake positive shots of energy. Among other things that I do I swim at the sea during winter. I can assure you that it the most revitalizing of all my activities. The same way I was feeling when I used to ski at the mountains. Every workout I tried in nature is giving me better results in physical and psychological terms, than the indoors.

So try as much as you can to get yourself out there even for a fifteen minutes walk. You will experience a more vital body and an elevated mood. It’ worth it!

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