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Be grateful!

I have always been grateful for everything I was given in my life and most of all about my health. Now that this car accident happened to me and as I am recovering and gaining back my every day routine, little by little, which I considered given, as most of us I think, I become more and more grateful for my health every single day!

Nothing is given, things can change in a second and remember, all of us that we are able to do simple every day things  by ourselves, we are all, more blessed than we can perceive. I repeat, I have always been grateful but when I found myself in a condition where I was not able to do things like moving from the one room to the other, going to the super market or driving my car, then I realized even more what great gifts I enjoy all my life, on an every day basis, that other people don’t.  Our whole mobility is magic. The way our body executes our wishes is magic and also the way it heals is magic. When it wants to heal it restricts you from doing things in order to find the space and time to heal. I  am grateful that my mind is not anymore in the blurred condition it was the first days after I was injured on my head and neck. For a long period of time I was not able to concentrate on easy things, like reading an article or watching the TV. I also experienced another strange feeling, that of not being able to coordinate my movements, so things were sleeping off my hands, or the feeling of not being able to estimate correctly the distance and bump on things on my way from the one room to the other. We all think that waking up in the morning, jumping off the bed, getting ready to go to the office, drive our car, go to the gym etc is nothing much. Well, I am telling you, it is a great, great deal! I was always believing this and now even more, because not being able to do these simple every day things by your yourself, really changes your life into a more complicated and difficult version. Health cannot be compensated by any material good you might have around you.

Health, as is defined by the World Health Organization,  is  physical, mental and social. Here I am talking about the condition of our physical health which when changed can influence our mental health also. Being in a bad shape usually reflects in not such a good mood. It’s a chain reaction.

Every day that I feel better and better my joy and gratefulness become bigger and bigger.

Just be grateful !!!

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