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I come from a country where we consider children our biggest asset.

Children is a reflection of ourselves. I am not saying this in an egoistic way, I mean that although each one of them comes with their own character they always reflect aspects of their environment. The environment is created by you and your every day habits. Children copy paste whatever they see you doing and not what you tell them to do. I can assure you for this since I have a daughter.

We consist  the biggest example for them. We inspire them therefore our responsibility is great! At times when I was feeling I would bend under the pressure of various circumstances, the first think that was coming to my mind was that I will not bend for the sake of my daughter. I didn’t want her to feel her mother weak and unable to copy with life’s challenges! I was thinking that I am giving her an example of how adults deal with various situations, therefore I did not want her to have an example of an adult that is uneasy, weak and with no will power to overcome difficulties. I always wanted her to believe in herself and her own power so if I really wanted this, I should make sure I show her through our every day life how this is done! In wild life animals show their off springs how to hunt or how to protect themselves by their own paradigm. We are doing exactly the same even if we realise it or not.  Imagine what happens in the  mind of your children when they see you desperate, devastated, confused and uneasy for a prolonged period of time . Of course we will be in that state temporarily due to certain events but certainly it cannot be our constant situation.

These feelings are to be managed to another level, the level of problem solving, overcoming and managing situations to our benefit. Challenges appear only to make us better, not to brake us and this is the message to our children,  no matter what, we will make it! Challenges come to reveal a better self of ours not a bitter! So confront them as an opportunity and a transition to a better state and inspire your children.

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